Autodrom Most

Autodrom Most

Useful Information

Full name: Autodrom Most, Czech republic
Nearest city: Most
Time zone: GMT +2
Currency: Czech crown (code: CZK)
Electric plug type: E

Important telephone numbers:
Emergency services: 112
Autodrom Most circuit: +420 476 449 970
Václav Havel airport Prague: +420 220 111 888

At the end of July day temperatures reaches average high of 25°C (77°F) and average low of 15°C (59°F). There is 52% chance for bright sunshine.

A transformed land

North of the Bohemia was industrial and mining land. But this does not mean that you can’t enjoy some quality time exploring it. The town of Most is very young, as its previous location gave place to coal mine. This included moving the local church by rails. In the present, swimming lakes with beaches, horse racing track or motor race track is in place of former so-called moon lands, offering fun and well-spent time. During your visit of the race track, you will notice two highlights: First, castle Hněvín, which is overlooking the circuit. Second, Ore Mountains in the background, reaching from West to East. Both accessible for a nice hike full of exploration and historic monuments.

Exploring the Most


Relatively new town of Most, with 66.000 people lays between Ore Mountains and Mid-bohemian mountains. Its history is bound with mining and totally changed its face. The original town of Most was completely brought down to make way to brown coal mining. Most of the cultural wealth was lost by this decision, forever.

Only a handful of remains of the old town exists today. A lion fountain, a plague column of Saint Anna and a group of allegorical statues of four elements, which were part of the old town center. But the biggest remain of the old town is the church. To save it from demolition, it was moved by rails by nearly one kilometer.

Today’s new town of Most have a lot to offer. The restoration changed it into a place full of green, wide streets and big sporting venues. Vast water lands for recreation and sports were created by flooding the mines. This all combined, brought Most the title of European city of sport in 2015.

Today, former coal mines and coal tradition is remained by museums and machinery placed in authentic environment, which is available to visitors.

Did you know?

After recent track re-pavement, the motorcycle track record was broken two times during one season. First, during the International championship of Germany in July by Ilya Mikhalchik, who pushed it down by 0,129 seconds, and then during another International race at the end of September, by domestic rider Karel Hanika, who took down another 0,013 seconds. It is most likely, that WorldSBK riders will, should the weather allow, attack the record again.